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Mudhouse Experiential Hostels

Mudhouse Experiential Hostels was founded, conceptualized & executed in 2017 by Rahul in Jibhi. Know more about the setting and take a peek into Life at Mudhouse.

Mudhouse Experiential Hostels in Jibhi was founded by Rahul in 2017, the first backpacker hostel in Jibhi, Tirthan & Seraj region.

Like most people, I too had a corporate job & city business, I did take a risk by leaving a highly comfortable, luxury filled life to move to the mountains to create a space where people like us can feel mentally safe, they have a home.

Where an engineer could finish that pending novel; where an accountant could talk about places on his bucket list; where logical notions could meet dreamy aspirations; where humanity could meet reality again.

We promote healthy collaborations, we talk about sharing skills and working together, we encourage everyone who enters our home to make it theirs forever. We talk about a lot of things that can be done, and at the end give weight to those that have a purpose that benefits the majority fantastically.

We live together, hike together, make friends for life, and would heal like never before.

Mudhouse is home for thousands of solo travelers from all over, who found friends & family amongst us. Mudhouse is home to people, who found their purpose after coming here. It is a riverside Mudhouse in mountain setting, amongst the pine trees, with rustic bunks for solo travelers, Riverside Rustic Mud Rooms for Couples or A Mud Duplex for Friends.

Right from the brainstorming sessions over the cups of tea and coffee, over some quick light hearted jokes, to the ideas that actually got implemented, from midnight bonfire conversations to gaining survival skills when brakes fail on mountain tops, we unlearn every moment to learn a lot more.

At Mudhouse, we celebrate everything, we celebrate an annual mela, an annual festival of togetherness, Artist Retreats, Hiking Programs, we celebrate everything that we love.

This is what motivates us to do better, do more for the environment as well as the community.

Jibhi is a beautiful destination and was known among foreigners & few tour groups, before 2017. We ensured to bring ethical travelers to Jibhi who could appreciate the nature, resources & people, who could take back the trash they bring making backpackers aware about Jibhi as a destination and bringing ethical tourism.

Mudhouse was the beginning of many dreams to follow, long back in 2017.

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