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Gadagusain- The Retreat Village

Know about the village, vicinity, local culture of the retreat location - Gadagusain in Himachal Pradesh

the fika homes lies in a mesmerizing village called Gadagusain. Which is 20 kms ahead of Jibhi, a remote valley in Seraj Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

The valley is untouched and remains largely unexplored. The sound of the river, lush green mountains, clouds dancing welcomes the seeker in ways which become hard to forget.

The hostel came alive with The Dreamer’s Fellowship, June 2021. A consciously curated experience for people who want to work towards mountain entrepreneurship. The fellowship is a product of Experiential living project. An organisation which is on a mission to change the way we travel the world. The place creates a community out of rural ecosystems where entrepreneurs can learn, live and create. Live at the hostel which offers Tree houses, private spaces and dorms. As well as access to open creative spaces where one can start taking steps towards their mountain dreams. Learn at the entrepreneurial home, which is created by a family after years of experience in co – existing and creating impactful experiences and events.

The place revolves around sustainable model where one can indulge in real - time projects and overcome the challenges that may arise in the mountain region.

Gadagusain is part of the Mandi district. And overlooks the Kullu district, both being separated by a river. Reaching the valley is an adventure in itself. One cannot stop looking out of the window at the scenery which makes everything else irrelevant. Reaching the valley, one is struck by the kindness of the locals. One feels warm, loved and welcomed around the people of the valley. The market of the Gadagusain is lined with shops in wooden architecture which reminds of the era gone by. Such structures can be seen in many colorful houses here as well. In every house, the kitchen stays warm by the traditional Tandoor placed in the middle. Which is also used for cooking meals. Coming to food, the place offers Himachali Siddu (A stuffed bread made with wheat flour), Baudi (A flat bread made with atta and rice flour) and vegetable made from Lingad plant (Fiddlehead ferns). Which is abundantly available in the region. Families can be seen rearing cattle, from which fresh dairy products like ghee are enjoyed with most meals. Satadhar, Tungasidhar are places worth visiting. Both adorned by beautiful temples at their peaks. A 7-day festival in the months of July – August in the Gadagusain market brings everyone together for music, food and celebration of their culture. As the people recall the mythological stories from the past.

The Retreat venue offers a setting where people can clear out their head and become more aware. Introspect and introduce themselves to many possibilities that the place has to offer. The location presents a space to think about the situations systematically. And helps you define your plan of action towards your mountain dream.

Every glance outside the window makes you believe in yourself and your dream. And the presence of like – mimed people around you, strengthens your vision in the best possible way.

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