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Diversity of Fellows

The profile of past participants along with their dreams that they came with Dreamers Retreat(Earlier Fellowship). While many of them have collaborated together and build their own travel brands, others are on their way.

Archana I Patil



Aspires to create a human cafe where everyone is just a human and not of an any gender, no religion, no politically correct differentiation matters. A place where humans are nurturing themselves and nature, creating holistic approaches of living. Her goal is to create a beautiful place for everyone where everyone shares their stories with some healthy munchies and make pickles - for example “take care” Pickle which can be given/shared with the visitors.

She believes, it's time to turn dreams to reality and share it with others.

Jyotsna Borgoyary



She wants to open her own homestay because of two reasons. First, to start a place for accommodation within a low budget. To make it available for people from all walks of life. Secondly, she wants to help the people living in the mountains. By providing them employment because she understands that life in mountain is not as much easy as it seems. Her love and respect for the nature, is something people around her appreciate. She is looking forward to learn the Entrepreneurial skills specific to mountains and nature. And a healing process too.



Tell us your story! He dreams to open a tea club in the mountains, where he can meet and greet as many people from as many nationalities as possible. He is looking for an opportunity to move out of his current state and explore possibility of a new life.

He wants to opt for Mountain Entrepreneurship because of the clean air, simple living, trustworthy neighbourhoods and welcoming happy people who would come to help you without you asking.

Kosha Shah


Associate Director, Simply Learning

She doesn’t have just one dream but lots of them. Some small and some big.

Since about a year, she’s been trying to figure out the best way to sustain slow living. She dreams about it every day and continues to keep making changes in her daily life to get as closer to nature as possible.

She is curious to learn different things and is trying few art forms to see what she can sustain and how that can be combined with living in mountains.



Service Professional – Hospitality

He has always believed in the idea of Educational Tourism, and wants to create a product which can bridge the gap between industries & classroom learning. He wishes to build a hostel/homestay which would have open space for sustainable playground, where local kids can come and unwind themselves. Later helping in to build an Open curriculum School, where one can study by understanding the nuances of Nature along with it. Eg: Learning concept of physics by a flow of river. He like to look at a place from a traveller’s point of view and not of a tourist. He has been into hospitality for major part of his career and have travelled to over 100 cities across the country, to learn one thing - conversations and likeminded people can really help you to look at a place very differently. This is exactly what he aspires to offer to the future travellers/backpackers.



IT Professional

Through her travels in mountains, she has experienced that there are lot of hardships due to remote locations and extreme weather, although people are not complaining over there. But believes that, education for children and good healthcare system should be made accessible. And wants to work towards creating more job opportunities, especially for the females and make them self-reliant.

She would also like to contribute in the areas of damages done to the nature and pollution by the tourism industry.

She is an enthusiastic learner and passionate about the work he does. Very keen on detailing in jobs. She believes, this fellowship will help him to implement his thoughts and dreams into reality and will help him to contribute to society and nature, which will bring satisfaction and happiness in life.

Shivang Gautam

New Delhi


He dreams of giving his best to humanity and nature. Be it helping unknown people, feeding stray dogs, or helping underprivileged kids with stationery. He has been to mountains uncountable number of times, and feels connected to them. His home is in Delhi but feels at peace in the Himalayas. He wants to build a homestay sort of place in mountains targeting the budget travellers. Along with helping the locals in some or the other ways. He wishes to give back to the society to his maximum capacity. Watching people happy makes him feel satisfied.

Daman Preet Singh


Team Lead – Operations

He wishes to give back to the society to his maximum capacity. Even if that requires getting out of his comfort zone. He wants to learn how to live in a more sustainable ecosystem and overcome the challenges that arise. Curious and passionate about things that interests him and loves his own company.

Manisha Nayak


Brand & Marketing Manager

She believes, when it comes Dreams, our dreams change. When she was in her early 20’s, she had dreamt of this moment when she would sit in her balcony looking over the wide cityscapes of Mumbai sipping a cup of coffee while reading a fiction book. And she happily lived that moment when she was 27. But then her dreams had changed overtime. To Live in the mountains, to look at the clouds passing through the ranges of mountains sitting from her home or a cafe nearby and just being in that moment. She says, she is living that dream while writing this down. Now coming to the dream that she has now. She wants to continue living in the mountains. and want to work towards something that resonates with her me as a human being. Some of those things include, traveling slow, being one with Nature, unaltered local experiences and meeting with like-minded people.



Communication and Soft Skills Trainer

Mountains, cafes and home-stays are words that trigger the sweetest feelings in her heart. For her these places are places that offer opportunities to kindle joy, peace, friendship and beautiful experiences. If she did not have any restrictions or confining elements in her life, there’s nothing she would want more than having a life in the mountains and a cafe to create a space for people to unwind, loosen up and indulge in some cheer and joy. She is currently a Communication and Soft Skills Trainer by profession and teaching is a passion she has felt ever since she can remember. She would love to also explore possibilities for continuing the same maybe remotely or in some other way.



Psychologist and a Speaker

She dreams of building a space for people that facilitates healing in every way. A space far away from the fast paced, chaotic life of the cities, built in and around peace in the mountains, managed and organized in a way that it allows people to let go of the baggage of their life and to press a reset button. A space that focuses on holistic healing, that is, healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. A space where people can find peace in minimal, mindful and meaningful living. Starting with one, she dreams of opening multiple such spaces (a chain) in the mountains to cater to as many people as she can.

Her vision of opening this wellness centre/retreat has a potential of creating big social impact. There are a lot of people who are struggling with finding peace in this world. Opening such a space will give such people some respite. She believes such a venture can change the land space of mental health in our country.




It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices. – Professor Dumbledore, Harry Potter She always loved this quote and to be honest for few years she didn't understand the meaning of this. But in recent years she has realised that it's not very easy to figure out one’s dreams. She thought travelling and meeting new people is my dream but she was wrong, living in mountains was. Life hasn't given her enough options to choose but she has already made a choice to live in the mountains once in her lifetime.

Suvats Avasthi



He wants to build and run a beautiful homestay which provides patrons with a comfortable setup that feels like their own. Also have some side agriculture-based income for himself.

He has always been a dreamer. As a teenager, he used to dream to work in making films and he achieved those dreams. Then he dreamed of being a professor and teaching all he had learnt. He achieved that too. Now he wants to take a step back from the hustle bustle and wants to live peacefully in the mountains.

Anuj Maheshwari

New Delhi


He dreams of living in the mountains and keep travelling. He has always helped people plan their travel in his circle. Friends specially call him to ask about where to go what to do. He wants to motivate each and every one to go ahead and get out of their comfort zone and travel because he strongly believes, it's the journey where one meets oneself. A place where one can come and plan the next travel is something he a kind of place he would like to build.

Neeraj Menon


Chartered Accountant

He believes that we've only one life and very seldom people get an opportunity to live a second life Wherein there's very little expectations from you and one which makes you HAPPY. His dream is to enjoy life, do something for the society and just be content with life.

He needs a push, some motivation just like he himself motivates people to go ahead and do things. He wants to get a chance to see some success stories. Return from this fellowship with a plan and confidence.

Shynee Singh

Yamuna Nagar


She dreams of having a house surrounded by hills, rivers and snowfall. All these three things together. She wants to put all efforts in achieving it. And believes in a world full of choti chotikhushiyan. And only wishes that everyone gets what they deserve.

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