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Chandan is a wine sommelier and have studied hospitality, He has worked with brands like Marriott, ITC, Taj.


3 years ago he planned his move to Himachal and since then have helped in handling the construction, operations & experiences. He has been working with Experiential Living Projects as a community manager and is known for his hospitality. He knows the ground work of building, opening and running a new property in Mountains. With his innovative ideas and solutions to problems you can learn the real life skills of running your dream stay.

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How will Chandan help you in/after Dreamers Retreat?

1. Bringing his experiences of hosting, being an integral part of brand building and leading the on ground operations with Experiential Living Projects, makes him your one point person, for building your dream on ground. He can help you with tips & tricks of handling operations, user experiences and implementing the system on ground.

2. With his background experience in Hospitality Management in different hotels, hostels and resorts he will be able to guide you in the right direction. 
After working for star hotels as wine sommelier he chose to leave the monotonous lifestyle of office and moved to Himachal his hometown to seek peace, and challenges. In Experiential living Projects, everyday is a new day and that's why he love being there. Staff training, management training, curating different experience for travelers are expertise he work on.

3. Most of the time he's working on engaging the travelers in something that they are afraid of while focusing on pulling the travelers out from their comfort zone and at the same time creating a bond with them.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

90154 98106

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